Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello Everybody!

We had a pretty crazy and amazing week this week. Quick update on those girls I talked about last week. We went and talked to them and they said they want a little more time to talk it over and to make sure that it's right for them. I know it's right for them and I'm praying that they realize that this is exactly what they need to do.
Other than that just normal Missionary stuff going on! We talked to these two guys who were playing basketball in the park. They are both going to school to become Pastors so they knew their Bible pretty well. We taught them about the Restoration and they both took a Book of Mormon and said they would read it and would like to meet up with us again to talk about it.
So things have been pretty much the same. Oh yeah, except for the fact that I had to give a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting! The Bishop calls me an hour before church and said that the speaker who was assigned couldn't make it so he asked me to give a 10-15 minute talk on commandments! I was studying and praying at the same time just begging for the Spirit to be with me. I was the last speaker too so I had to make up for any left over time. I gave my talk and just threw out what ever came to my mind. I remember some of it but most of it was just whatever I felt like I should say. I talked for about 15 minutes and then sat down. I guess it was a pretty good talk because people kept on telling me that they would have never guessed I was a greenie based on my talk. This is a witness to you guys that prayer does work because I know I would have never been able to give that talk if it wasn't guided by the Spirit!
Thank you all for your supportive emails! I know that if you open and close everyday with a prayer, that you will see the hand of God more frequently working in your lives and you will be blessed for it. Have an amazing week and as everyone here says,"God Bless!"

Love, Elder Leavitt
Visiting a family who had a new baby

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