Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

A lot has happened this past week so it's pretty insane. We got our transfer calls on Saturday and it looks like I'm moving on. I'm leaving Fayetteville after being here for 6 months.  I'm going over to Tulsa, Oklahoma which I'm pretty excited for. I'm going to be in the New Haven ward and it's suppose to be a sweet area. My companion is going to be Elder Udy. We actually came into the mission field at the same time so we know each other a little but I'm stoked that we get to be companions. He actually trained Elder Rooto and he loves him so that's a good sign. I'm sad to leave Fayetteville because I've been here forever and I've loved the people here but I'm ready for what's next. Elder Rooto is leaving the area too and he is going into the Marshal Islands branch we have in Springdale and he's excited for that. There are a couple of families from his home island that live there that he can talk to but now he is going to have to learn marshallese along with English.  He's nervous for that but he's ready for it.

This past weekend we had the baptism of Billy Declue. He was so excited for it and there were quite a few people who showed up for it. Brother Rownak, our Ward Mission Leader, baptized him and it was a tender moment for him because they have become pretty close friends. Billy asked me to do the confirmation yesterday in sacrament meeting and that was a spiritual moment I'll never forget. The ward has been amazing with the fellowship and love for Billy so I'm not worried about him at all.  

I've learned a lot from Fayetteville and it's going to be a hard place to leave but I know that I have been called to Tulsa by an inspired mission president acting on the promptings of the spirit. I've loved the work here and I'm eager to get to work in the New Haven ward. I know you are all just dying to send me mail but hold on to it until I can get my new address. Love y'all

Love, Elder Leavitt

Address update:
Elder Austin Leavitt
5315 S. Harvard Ave
Apt L
Tulsa, OK 74135

Billy's baptism featuring Bro Rownak and his twin daughters.
We went to go visit someone and they weren't home. They made the mistake of leaving chalk on their front porch! 

One final fist bump from Tina at the old folks home.

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