Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Just another typical week in Oklahoma! Minus the fact that we had a tornado come right through Tulsa! I know my mom probably doesn't want to hear this, but last Tuesday was my first experience with a Tornado. We were just sitting in our apartment, getting ready for bed when all of a sudden, we hear the tornado sirens going off and we got all these texts telling us to seek shelter. We packed up all we felt like we needed and got out of there since we live on the 3rd floor. We went to the church with some other elders and we went down to the basement and we stayed there for the night. We totally forgot to bring anything to sleep with so we slept on the ground all night. Needless to say, it was unpleasant. The next morning we came out and there were trees and telephone poles everywhere but it didn't do any insane damage. Apparently, it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be but we were safe and that's all that matters. Really crazy experience and it's a story that I can tell now.

Other than that, this week has been full of blessings and miracles! There was an amazing miracle this past week. I was on an exchange with another Elder in his area and we went to go contact this referral. The guy wasn't home so we prayed and we said that we weren't going to leave the neighborhood until we found the person we were sent there for. So we were going around knocking doors and then we saw a lady down the street unloading her truck. So we ran over there and asked if we could help her move her stuff. We got talking and it turns out that she is our age, a month pregnant, and just moving in with her fiance. We sat outside and taught her the Restoration right there and she loved it! We gave her a Book of Mormon and committed her to read and pray about it. I was just recently informed by the Elders in that area that they went and saw her again and she had read the Book of Mormon and she loves it and she's been praying about it cause she wants it to be true!

Miracles come as we ask for them and as we show that we are willing to seek them out through our actions. I've been able to learn this lesson over and over again as I've seen the hand of the Lord working through my life as I've served. I love you all and thank you for the constant support! I hope y'all have an amazing week!

Love, Elder Leavitt
It turns out that those claw things used for picking up trash make a pretty good selfie stick

Some of the aftermath of the tornado. Crazy!

There is the sweetest non member lady who takes great care of the missionaries. Her nickname is the Tulsa grandma. She leaves cases of ice cream sandwiches and Dr pepper in a fridge for us to come by and get anytime. It was her 92nd birthday on Saturday so we gave her a rose. She loved it!

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