Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's day this year just so happened to fall on my mom's birthday as well so getting to talk with her and the family made the day very special. I hope everything worked out for everyone so that you were able to talk with your  families. It was great to talk to my family. They are all doing well and I am so thankful for that.

Other than Mother's day, this week was full of service. We were asked to help paint an Elderly ladies house and help her with some yard work. We were given paint and then they left so we painted the inside of the house while they were all gone and when they came back, they realized they gave us the wrong paint so we had to get the right paint and repaint it all over again! We had other things scheduled so we had to speed paint the whole thing over again. We also went out and helped on a farm a couple days ago. This guy wanted help to clean up his mom's farm for a Mother's day gift so we went around and fed the chickens and picked up garbage and made the place look better for his mom. It was a ton of fun to be farmers for a bit!

This week we had a really cool miracle happen because of our obedience. We drove back to our place and it was about 8:55 and we aren't suppose to go in until 9. So instead of just going in a bit early we decided to walk around our complex and try to talk to some people. As we were walking a Chinese guy walked past us and said,"Wait why are you both dressed up?" So we proceeded to tell him why. Turns out that he has a friend serving a mission right now and he would like to learn  more about what his friend is teaching others. We got his info and we are hoping to see him sometime this next week.

It's amazing to witness the blessings that come through our own obedience. In the scriptures it tells us that every blessing we receive is because of our obedience towards the commandments we are given. We are promised these blessings and as we seek to do what is right and follow the straight and narrow path, we will be able to recognize and receive those blessings promised to us. Love you all! Thanks for everything you've done for me. Keep it real.

Elder Leavitt

So good to see that smie!

At Zone meeting

I saw this license plate cover the other day, Haha!

We found this dog and pond while we were working on the farm...so naturally we took a pic :)

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