Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hey everyone I've got some transfer news for ya that I know you are dying to know! So we got our transfer calls yesterday which is why we have pday on a Wednesday this week. Some pretty crazy things are happening. So, the sad thing is that I'm going to be leaving Tulsa. That is a real bummer. I've loved it here so much and I'm going to miss a ton of people I've become super close with. I'm also not going to get to finish training Elder Olsen. He is getting a great new companion to do that for me. I'm actually getting transferred to the one and only Bentonville! I'm really excited to serve there cause I heard it's an awesome area to be in. I'm also going to be finishing up training a different missionary that came out with Elder Olsen. His name is Elder Maddox and I've heard he's a stud so it should be good. I was asked to serve as the new Zone leader there too. I'm going to be serving as the only zone leader there so I'm hoping all goes well with this new assignment!

Last week, we had a really great week and yesterday I got to start saying my goodbyes. I've already said goodbye to both Larry and David and his family. David actually said that they are planning on being sealed in the San Diego temple in a year from now and they invited me so I have that to look forward to! There have been a couple other people I've already said bye to and it's been pretty sad but I know I'll see them all again eventually.

We saw Susan a couple times this past week. We went over to her house last week and helped her lay some sod down which was a lot of fun. She also came to church again this Sunday and got to stay for all 3 hours and just loved it, but the greatest of all these meetings was the one we had last night with her. We answered a ton of questions that she had and she was very happy with the answers she received and she agreed with all of them. Just before we left, I broke the news to her that I was going to be leaving and she was pretty tore up about it. I got to bear my testimony to her one last time and I felt the spirit there in her home so powerfully. It was incredible! I'm going to miss her a lot but she is progressing well and she'll be fine.

I'm super excited about this upcoming transfer. Every transfer, I get a renewal of my testimony that God knows where we need to be and who we need to be with. I've seen this time and time again while serving my mission and I now I'll continue to see that. God knows you perfectly. He also knows those who need you perfectly. I love you all and hope all is well. Hold off on all the letters and packages I know you want to send to me until next Monday and I'll have the new address for y'all.

Elder Leavitt

We set up a traveling visitors center at a park. It was very successful!

Saying goodbye to David and his family. They are actually moving so we helped them out.

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