Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

I made it over to Bentonville this week and have been loving it the past couple of days! I've got my new comp Elder Maddox and it's been so much fun. He's been telling me what things were like back in the real world and I don't even recognize half of it anymore haha. He told me finna is the new word to say so I've been trying it out lately. HA! Also, I don't know if you know what Spike Ball is but Elder Maddox is #1 in the nation at it. He's been teaching me how to play so we are going to be doing that for p-day today. I'm actually serving in two wards again! It's going to be the Bentonville 2nd ward and the Central Park wards. I've already met members from both areas and it's really bumping here. It's going to be great!

Conference this past week was so perfect! A lot of powerful talks this time that really gave me a lot of new perspective. Some highlight talks for me were Elder Andersen's talk on all of us being puzzle pieces in the Restored Gospel and Elder Ballards talk about remembering why we are a part of the church in the first place. Very inspirational conference!

I said all my hard goodbyes to the people of Tulsa and have just been spending all of my time lately saying hey to all of our new investigators and ward leaders. I don't think I have any new updates for ya. It's so cool serving in the heart of the mission and I haven't been here long but I know that there is a reason I'm here right now. I love you all and hope that as we continue to study the words of our leaders that we will continue to learn what is expected of us and what we can do now.

Elder Leavitt

Also, the new address is:

1100 NW Lincoln Ct apt. 4 Bentonville,AR 72712

Do a good deed, send a missionary some letters :)
Dinner with Elder Maddox at a members home

Our traditional Conference breakfast :)

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