Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Weekly Report coming at ya from Elder Leavitt.

A lot of cool stuff happened this week. This past weekend was the Bentonville Stake conference which is always a good time. Elder Larry Echohawk from the quorum of the seventy was there and he spoke at the Adult session Saturday night and the Sunday meeting as well. That man is truly called of God. I received a ton of personal revelation from him. Also, our Stake President, President Keogh (Key-oh), spoke and that guy is going to be a member of the 12 apostles someday. He gave a talk that completely blew me away. Plus, he has this Scottish accent that makes everything he says that much more intense. He is a really powerful speaker and Elder Echohawk was blown away too! Be looking for him in the April General Conference.

Cool Story: Last Sunday after we gave our talks on missionary work, we had a member come up to us and tell us that while we were talking, she thought of her inactive cousin, Lauren.  She lives in our area. She hasn't been active in the church since she was really young and she is currently living with her fiance who isn't a member and they are getting married next October. We went over there and met them last week and set up a return appointment for later in the week. We went over there prepared to teach the Restoration but spent the whole time talking about the Book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong. We invited Chad, the fiance, to read the Book of Mormon and he said,"I would always see this book in the home of all of Lauren's family and I've always felt impressed to read it. I've seen Lauren with it a couple times but I never got up the courage to ask if I could read it, so thank you. I want to know if this is true." Really amazing. After the lesson was over, Lauren thanked us cause she said that they have been going through a lot of hard times lately and it's been awhile since she has heard all that and she needed it a lot. We are going back to see them sometime soon. This is a story that shows that member missionaries are the way to do the Lord's work and it truly does work.

In other news, We are going to be going to the temple this Wednesday as a mission again!!! Super stoked about that. We will be going to the Kansas City Temple so that's going to be really cool and a ton of fun. I love y'all and it's my sisters Wedding this Friday! Everyone tell Mrs. Erin Kirk that I love her this weekend!

Elder Leavitt

Serving at the Salvation Army

Ward party

Elder Maddox and I

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