Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's been a pretty crazy week!

First off, we had our transfer calls again this week and it looks like I'm going to be hanging out for another 6 weeks in Branson! Really excited about that but Elder Powell is getting transferred over to Arkansas which stinks cause I thought we would have another one together but he is going to be with one of my old comps so he will have fun! I'm getting Elder McArthur as my new companion and I don't really know him but I'm excited to get to know him!

So, I was blessed to have another Tornado experience this past week! We were driving past the church when all of a sudden the sirens started going off and it started raining and hailing like crazy! We went to the church and a couple of the other Elders were already there. We had to hang out in the church for a couple hours while it all went down. The safest place in the building is the baptismal font so we were told to sit in there for a while until the worst part was over. We made it was a good time! Also, a couple days later, we had a huge snow storm happen here. It was the most snow Branson has seen in awhile. Then, the next day, a less active family had their house catch on fire and we had to help clean up with that. It was so sad.

We have some good stuff happening here in Branson so I'm excited to be staying another transfer. We had and investigator come to church on Sunday that we have been working with for awhile and she has accepted a date to be baptized! I love the work here. Hope all is well with everyone.

Elder Leavitt

We did some service at a  city skate park 

Strike a pose

Snow day


The refugees taking cover at the church. We barely made it!

House fire :(

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