Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monday, October 6, 2015

So how did everyone enjoy conference these past couple of days???
It was incredible to hear the testimonies of the newly called apostles and to feel the spirit testify that they are called of God along with all of the other speakers. I made sure to take good notes.

It was an amazing week this week! It was full of high points and low points. Let's start with the low. We got Anti'ed bad this week... The guy's name was Don and he seemed like a really nice guy and he invited us into his house and then just started ripping at Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. I have little patience for people who anti so I was doing my best to keep my cool but it was bad. He gave us all these papers that try to disprove Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon and I told him straight up that I wasn't going to read any of it cause it was all garbage and I wasn't going to let my testimony be destroyed by that filth and he got super mad at me so I got up and told him we had to leave. So we left and went and burned all the anti stuff down by the river. That was cool.

High note is that we got to meet with the Martin family. The Martins are a family that have been investigating the church for the past 2 years and we met with them a couple times when i first got here. The mom and her two boys are interested but the husband is not. So the mom's mother passed away a little while ago and it was hard on them and she didn't want to meet for a long time. Just when she was ready to meet again, her brother was killed in a car accident. She shut us out for a really long time and it was super sad. I texted them this past week to see how they were doing and they invited us over. They were happy to see us and we were planning on just talking to them. At the end of the lesson I had a super strong prompting to invite them to be baptized on November 28th. I went with the spirit and they happily accepted the invitation! What a feeling that was for me. They are moving into a different ward so we won't get to teach them anymore but they are on the right path at this point and that makes me happy enough.

The church is true brothers and sisters. There is no doubt about that. I love this Gospel and I will defend it and proclaim it until the day I die. I love you all so very much and thank you for everything. As our Prophet Thomas S. Monson has stated,"Faith and Doubt can not exist in the same mind at the same time." I pray that you all may have faith in your mind and in your heart at all times.

Love, Elder Leavitt
Enjoying our conference breakfast. Just like mom makes!

Mini golf on Pday

King of the hill

Elder Dye and I sporting our new T's

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