Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

We have been able to see so many blessings this past week! On Wednesday, after our district meetings, the whole zone got to together and went to the U of A campus to talk to random students on campus and pass out Books of Mormon. Together, we handed out so many Books and got the numbers of a couple students! It was fun just going out and trying new approaches with different people to see what works best and it benefited us all. We are planning on doing it every Wednesday now so we are hoping to bless the YSA elders a lot from this.

Now for the inspiring stuff. We have been trying to meet with this guy name Michael for awhile now but we kept on just missing him. This past week we got in the door and invited him to church and he seemed really excited to go. We got him a ride and he came to church yesterday. He was talking about how he needed to get off of some stuff that he was addicted to and yesterday, the couple who run the 12 step program in our ward spoke to us. How convenient! Michael talked with them and he is going to their meeting this week. He loved church and he is willing to progress with whatever we ask him to do so we are really excited for him.

Next is the miracle of Jo Szot. I've talked a little bit about him before in past emails and how he needed to quit smoking in order to get baptized. We gave him a priesthood blessing a couple days ago to help him quit. Well, Saturday was the day that he needed to stop completely. We couldn't get a hold of him all day so we were a bit nervous for him. On Sunday he came to church with the biggest smile on his face. He said he woke up Saturday morning with absolutely no desire to smoke and all day he didn't crave it once. He knew it was because God was helping him because getting baptized is what he needs to do. He will be getting interviewed this week if he keeps this up and we should be having ourselves a good Ol' Fashion baptism next week!

As always, thanks for the love and support! Have a blessed week!

Love, Elder Leavitt

Our Halloween costumes

We found this random thing in the woods so we took a tough guy picture

Hey, what time is it?

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