Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

This week has gone by so fast! We got to have a Zone training meeting on Saturday and that's when President and Sister Loveland came down and talked to us. We got to do interviews with him and tell him what our area needs. He gave a great instruction on tracting so after our meetings, we decided to try it out. We first stopped by an investigators apartment and when he couldn't meet, we tracted the rest of his complex. Every single person that answered the door ended up taking a Book of Mormon! We had our number in it too so we are hoping for some calls back. We went and stopped by another investigators apartment and when they weren't home, we started talking to these guys outside and we ended up giving them Books of Mormon too! We have both been working on the idea of talking to everyone and we have seen the blessing that it has brought into our lives.

Let's talk about Bob Brown. Bob is this old man who's wife is a member but he isn't. Whenever we go over to see him, we bring a video because he loves the Mormon videos. He is so dang stubborn though! He has stopped reading the Book of Mormon and he refuses to come to church and we told him that if he didn't then we couldn't come over anymore. We watched a video on Joseph Smith and we talked about the Restoration and he just kept on saying,"You boys look like you need some ice cream." It was really hard to try to get through to him but we will just keep on praying that he has a change of heart.

I have been taking the Ponderize challenge lately and I have seen the blessing it is in my life. I have been ponderizing Alma 32:14-16 this week. I would encourage all of you to always have a scripture in mind because you never know who's life you can bless with it.

Love, Elder Leavitt

Serving at a soup kitchen

A frog we saw chilling on a mushroom

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