Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

This email is coming a little bit later because my email was acting up this morning so sorry about the delay! Wow, where do I begin with this past week! Jo had some troubles with the smoking so we had to push his baptismal date back a week but he is super motivated now so we are hoping he can push through it. We call him every night to check up on him and he has been killing it so far. Transfer calls are this week so one of us might not be here for it which is sad to think about.

Remember Michael from last week? Well, we saw him again this week and now he is praying for a baptismal date! He came to church yesterday and a lady from Las Vegas that just recently moved here and is a recent convert spoke in sacrament meeting and she told her amazing conversion story. Afterwards she came up to us and Michael and flat out asked him if he was going to get baptized. When he said that he would like to she said," Then what are you waiting for?" That motivated him a lot and now he is praying for a date! He loves the church a lot and our ward is very good at fellow shipping which helps so much!

We have been very blessed here in our area and thank you all for the prayers and love in my behalf. I hope you all will continue to help those in need of help and comfort those in need of comfort. That's our job as members of this church. Love you all and stay safe.

Love, Elder Leavitt
Lights of the Ozarks! It looks like Temple Square around here!

Our Zone after an activity

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