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Monday, January 25, 2015

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week. We had a pretty solid week full of lessons and inspirational training. This past Wednesday, there was a World Wide Mission training from Salt Lake City that we got to watch and learn from. There was some powerful lessons taught and it really made me reflect on missionary work. I took some pretty sweet notes so I'm excited to apply it to the work going on in Fayetteville.
Elder Greenwood and I are now getting into the swing of things and we are able to teach off of each other really really so we've got to have some amazing lessons lately. The training talked a lot about having the Spirit with you at all times.  We have been praying for the Spirit a lot more often during the day and we have been able to see a difference. We have also been praying for new people to teach and asking the Spirit to identify those people to us. The other day we had to get our car worked on so we decided to go out and talk to whoever we could find. We talked to quite a few people and some of them took a Book of Mormon and we gave out pass along cards as well. When we got our car back,  we were driving and we noticed a guy pulled of to the side of the street. We both had the prompting to help him. We helped him get his car running and he told us that the LDS church members have helped him out so much the past week as he has been preparing to move to Fayetteville. He wants to see us again so we got his number and we are hoping to teach him sometime!
This proves that people notice everything that we do. If members hadn't reached out to this guy and helped him, his heart might not have been ready to except the missionaries into his life. We only see a small portion of the influence we actually have on others. We never know the impact our habits as members of the church will have on certain individuals. Always be an example and always follow the spirit. Blessings will come and we are promised that.
I love you all and I hope everyone has a blessed week! Keep the Faith and keep pressing forward!

Love, Elder Leavitt

For some reason, Elder Greenwood thought this would be a good idea!

Our zone and Pres. Loveland moved a homeless shelter

Sums up Arkansas in one sentence 

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