Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

This past week has been pretty interesting! Our whole zone has been doing really well. Our Mission President has challenged us to set goals within our individual districts to help us improve the work in our area. We have set some pretty good district goals that are going to help us out a lot. We have a goal set to hit the Standard of Excellence as a whole zone on the fifth week of this transfer. The Standard of Excellence is a mission wide goal for member present lessons and referrals and other things like that which are set to help us strive for something each week. We are preparing to achieve it here in a couple weeks. We are setting goals now that will make it easier for us!

We have a branch in our Stake for the Marshallese people because there are quite a few people that move here from the Marshal Islands for some reason. A few days ago I was asked to give a baptismal interview to a couple that the Marshallese sisters have been teaching. Oh, and they don't speak a lick of English so we had to have a translator come in a tell me what they were saying the whole time. Even though I couldn't understand a single word that they were saying, the Spirit was still so strong when I asked them to bear there testimonies. It's crazy how the Spirit knows all languages and it will testify of truth always and even if you don't understand them verbally, you can understand them spiritually every time. Well, after the interviews the sisters were talking to them about who they want to baptize them and they both asked if I would baptized them. So now I have to learn the baptismal prayer in Marshallese for this upcoming Saturday! I've been working on it but I still sound super white when I say it so I'll continue to work on that.

Kommol Tata (Thank you in Marshallese) for all the love and support in my behalf. I am thankful for all of you back home and for all the work that you do behind the scenes of missionary work. I hope you all have an inspired week. My sister is going home this week. Say Hello to Erin for me!

Love, Elder Leavitt
The south is full of their symbols of devotion to Jesus Christ.
We all can rejoice in His resurrection!

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