Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

It's been a pretty insane week. So the Marshallese couple that I was suppose to baptize on Saturday, the wife had a stroke a couple days before the baptism. They don't have a phone so they didn't tell anyone so we thought they had just fled the country or something because they really didn't want to get baptized but all is well after we finally found them. We are going to wait until she is feeling better and then we will get them baptized. We had interviews with President Loveland this past Friday which was really great because he is just an awesome potato farmer from Idaho that knows what's up. It was good to get to visit with him and talk about the area I'm in and what's been going well and what needs to be worked on. 

Also, I love Old folks homes. We go visit one every Sunday afternoon to play dominoes with some of the ladies and we are practically celebrities there now. I've been teaching this older lady named Tina how to do a secret hand shake for the past 3 weeks and she forgets it every time. That's okay because every time I try to give her a fist bump she just stares at me and then laughs and says," Wow, you sure are a good looking. Lord have mercy!" Hahah! if you ever need a self esteem booster, go to an old folks home.

This past week, we couldn't get any appointments one day so we decided to go tracting at this apartment complex. We felt like it would be a good place to knock some doors. We only knocked 4 doors and out of those 4 doors we got 3 return appointments that we saw on Saturday, gave away 2 Books of mormon and two pass along cards. Now we have 3 new investigators that we can go teach! We have been praying for some new people to teach because our area hasn't seen any new investigators in a long time. That was a huge blessing for us and it all came out of tracting which is amazing. It's really cool to see the Lord's hand in our work. It's always there, we just got to have our eyes open enough to see it.

Everything else was just business as usual. We got to see a lot of good come into our area and we are hoping to keep the momentum going. I love you all and thank you so much for the emails this week. I hope you all have an amazing week.

Love, Elder Leavitt

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