Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Tuesday was our Temple trip to the Oklahoma City temple and it was a trip that I will never forget. It was so relieving to be in the temple and I received so many answers that I've been seeking for a long time now. The Spirit that you can feel there and all that you can learn while in the temple is just amazing and I'm truly thankful for that opportunity.

In the Riverside ward, we were able to receive a couple new investigators from the Bishop's son! Nick Warner texted us one night and told us that he invited over two of his friends to talk with us after he gave them both a copy of The Book of Mormon. We went over there and taught them the Restoration and it was a really powerful lesson. The Spirit was there the strongest after we asked Nick to bear his testimony. He told them how happy the Gospel made him and he just wanted that same happiness for them too. They both committed to read and pray about what we taught and we set up to go and teach them again this week.

We also received three solid new referrals. One of them was an investigator in a different area that had a baptismal date but she had to move to Tulsa unexpectedly so now we are meeting up with her this week and setting a new date for her. The other two both said that they want to come to church and see what it's like so we got everything set up for them to come next week.

A lot of work going on in the wards that we've been given to watch over. It was awesome to be able to reflect yesterday on the impact my dad has had on my life. I aspire to be just like him in so many aspects. The countless lessons he has taught me and the example he has been for me in my life are too great for me to ever pay him back for. Hope you all had a great Father's day. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Leavitt

Oklahoma City Temple with Elder Udy

This plus 90% humidity is no bueno!

We saw this at an elementary school so of course we had to take a picture on it

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