Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm just going to get right in to it since we had a ton happen this week! First off let me tell you about Dhinal (D-in-all) So we go this referral a couple days ago for someone named Dhinal in our area so we went out searching for their address. We went to this apartment complex and knocked on the door and this little kid answered the door. We asked him if Dhinal was home and the little boy was like," Oh that's me! You must be the Mormons!" You could say that we were pretty surprised. He is 11 years old and he said that him and his mom have been looking at all different kinds of religions. He said that he was on the computer one day and an ad for a Book Of Mormon came up and he just knew he wanted one and he wanted to come to church. We talked to him more about it and we invited him and his mom to church but he said that they were going to be out of town for a couple days so they wouldn't be able to come this week but when they come back he definitely wants to come. It's amazing how innocent the spirit of little children are and how open they are to the direction that God is trying to move them in.

On Sunday, the Riverside ward had a missionary homecoming. His name is Steven Slater and he served in Argentina and just got back this past week. We talked to him a bit after church and he said that he had a non member best friend that he wanted to invite to take the lessons. Later in the day he texted us and asked if we could go to the church and teach his friend that night! We were excited to meet him and we taught him the Restoration right there and the spirit was amazing. We asked Steven to bear his testimony and it was amazing to see how his mission has changed his life and how much he wanted his friend to have the same joy that he has. He committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and it was an incredible lesson.

Bearing your sincere testimony is one of the most powerful influences you can have on someone. The spirit will always testify of the truth of what you are saying to them. As we stand up as representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and show others how important our beliefs are to us, we can have a powerful affect on those that around us. Love you all and hope all is well!

Elder Leavitt

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