Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2015

It's been another great/hot week here in the ABM. We got to see some pretty amazing work going on in our area and we got to help out in some other Elder's area too.
This past week we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in their areas. I got to go out with Elder Strobel. We saw each other all the time while I was in Fayetteville so It was way cool to be able to go out and do some missionary work with him for the day. We had one of our appointments cancel in the middle of the day so we just started knocking on doors and the Lord truly blessed us with some amazing lessons. After each lesson we would ask,"Who else do we need to see?" and every time they would tell us someone they knew that needed a visit so it kept us pretty busy.
All the investigators we have been teaching and all the less active families we've been visiting have been progressing along really well. Having two areas really keeps us busy and I love that. This past week we were able to pick up a couple new investigators too! One of them is named Cody and he is a stud. He was a media referral so we scheduled an appointment with him and when we went over there we taught him the Restoration and the spirit there was incredible. He has truly been looking for the truth so it was so great to be able to promise him that he would find it as he prayed to know the truth and acted upon the promptings he receives. We will be seeing him again this next week to follow up.
We are being blessed here in Oklahoma. Thank you all for the prayers in my behalf. I hope y'all have a blessed week! Stay hydrated!
Elder Leavitt
These are called 'The praying hands' at a baptist college in Tulsa. This is Elder Sosa. We were on exchanges.

We went to a new place called 'The bowl and spoon'. It's a cereal bar where you can combine up to 3 cereals. It's awesome!

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