Friday, July 7, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

We had a ton going on this week!

A couple of highlights of the week was going on more exchanges! We went with the Elders over in Bentonville that are serving in my old area there. They set up a dinner so I got to see Jorge, the solid recent convert I got to help baptize while I was over there! It was so good to see him and he is still going really strong (picture below)

This was a really good week for finding for us. We got a lot of new investigators that we started teaching this week which is always fun. We got to teach quite a few first lessons to some people. We started teaching some kids of a less active lady in our ward. The lady use to be super stand off-ish to the elders but now that she is coming back to church and wants her kids to be baptized, she has been the coolest.

Our friend Angelina got baptized yesterday and it was such a great service. We have been teaching her for a couple of months now and she has been loving the church. We found her when I was out tracting during exchanges and she was knocking on the door of an apartment next to the one we were knocking on so we just started talking to her. Just from that simple act, and some commitment on her part along the way, she is now ready to start her journey as a member of God's church. Missionary work is the best.

All is well here. Got some good pictures for you this week. We had an investigator invite us to their daughters birthday so we made a quick appearance to say we were there. Love ya!

Elder Leavitt
Sister Blackwell and I reppin MV!
Angelina's baptism!!

My Boi Jorge

Let's play 'Find Elder Leavitt among the Islanders'.

Island food

An authentic necklace they gave us

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