Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh hey,

We had another good week here! We've been staying busy with some more exchanges and just the usual missionary work that we do. President and Sister Loveland have been traveling the mission getting interviews done and so I had one of my last interviews with both of them and it was incredible. They are both so inspired and they gave some amazing advice on what I need to do to prepare for the future. Probably one of my best meetings with both of them. It was well need haha They're great!

Some pretty cool stuff is happening for us lately! Elder DeGooyer and I have put and emphasis on finding in the evenings so we have dedicated a time after dinner to going out and knocking doors for awhile. We found a guy named Doug the other day while knocking and we invited him to church and he actually showed up with his fiance! They seemed to really enjoy it. He said that we need to come back this week so we will be visiting with them now hopefully. We are still working with a lot of the same investigators and many of them are getting close. Things have been pretty solid lately. It's starting to warm up but not too bad yet.

I'm really thankful for the ability that we all have to change. It's funny how changing is just something we naturally go through but sometimes we have to choose to change and those choices are usually the ones that matter the most. The Lord has definitely been teaching me about that. I'm thankful that we all have the ability to choose to turn away from old habits and ways that aren't always the best for us. Have a great week!

Elder Leavitt
This is Mely. She takes good care of us.

Pretty neat!

Found this snake the other night on our way home.

With Elder Green at the mission home.

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