Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

It's been another week of the usual missionary work in Fayetteville. We had our Zone conference this past week and we got to learn a lot from our Mission President and all those who gave instruction. We should be expecting some pretty amazing changes and blessing coming up in our mission so we are all pretty excited about that. Things have been just swell with Elder Rooto. We both were asked to give talks in Sacrament Meeting yesterday on what we learned in General Conference in October. Elder Rooto did an amazing job on his. He still doesn't know a whole lot of English but his talk was still really powerful. Funny story with him. We were driving around the other day and I called someone a "Weirdo" and he says," OH, I know weirdo! That's women without husband!" It took me awhile to think about it but I started busting up when I realized he was talking about a widow hahah! Maybe you just had to be there for that one but it was great! The language barrier is definitely there sometimes but it has kept things interesting.

Our investigator Billy has a baptismal date set for April 9th so we are hoping all goes well with that. We have been going through all of the lessons with him again since it has been awhile since he's heard them. He comes to church almost every Sunday so he is ready. Right now we are teaching a lot of people who are going through hard moments in there lives. Sometimes it makes it harder for them to learn and sometimes it opens them up to us and our message. Some of the trials they have gone through and are currently going through are unimaginable! I know that no matter what the heartache, pain, trial, or tribulation, the atonement of Christ is there for all of them and I'm indeed grateful for that.

It's been awesome to be able to share the Easter initiative video, #Hallelujah, this Easter season. It really invites the spirit in all settings. I invite you all to view it and share it whenever you can because it really is an incredible message that we have to share. Love you all and I hope you have a great Easter!

Love, Elder Leavitt

Dinner with the Young family

Swan's are vicious!

Happy St Patty's day! Late night apple juice :)

Yes, very true!

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