Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! Ours was awesome because American Easter is nothing like the Easter that Elder Rooto is use to. The whole dying eggs and hiding eggs with candy in them to find them later was a completely foreign idea to him. I got a package from my mom with a bunch of plastic eggs with candy in them so I hid them around the apartment Saturday night. The next morning I got him all excited and he came out with his bag looking for eggs. It was seriously the funniest thing ever! We had a great Easter at our ward mission leader's house and Billy came too. He had a lot of fun and he is still progressing towards baptism. We got some sweet Easter gifts from some of the members including a couple jugs of chocolate milk so we are pretty pumped about that.

The best part about Easter was that last night we went Easter tracting with some other Elders at this apartment complex in our area. We went door to door wishing everyone a happy Easter and trying to share an Easter message. Our efforts were extremely blessed! We ended up showing a family of 6 the Easter video and they loved it. They want us to come back later this week and teach them more about our church cause they were really impressed. We also found a less active lady with two small kids that recently moved into our ward but her records didn't transfer over.  She wants us to help her get her records and come by and see her again this week.

It has been such a blessing to be able to share the real reason we celebrate Easter this year to so many people. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is such a glorious message that has blessed and will continue to bless so many lives. I'm also excited for General Conference this coming weekend! I know that as we come with sincere questions and hearts willing to act, we will receive answers through our faith. Love you all and hope you have a blessed week!

Love, Elder Leavitt

Elder Rooto finding the last egg

All them eggs!

Egg hunt at the ward mission leader's house

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