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Monday, February 29, 2016

Where dat at doe?
I got my new companion this past week. Elder Rooto is from a small island called Tarawa which is over by Fiji somewhere. He is such a cool guy. He is still learning English so I have to help him with some words every now and then but he can speak really well for just barely learning it. He's really funny and enthusiastic about the work so it's going to be a good transfer. So the Subject of the email has two significant purposes. First off, "Where in the world is Tarawa" is the conversation of almost every dinner we have gone to and I'm still not sure exactly where it is. Secondly, we totally got hit by a doe last week. We were driving along this really busy street in Fayetteville when this deer jumped out of the woods and hit the front of our car! It was seriously the craziest thing ever. We tried to track it down but I think it got away. While our car is getting fixed, we are hitching rides as best we can.

We've been able to see a lot of progression in a lot of our newer investigators. We are hoping to set some baptismal dates in the next week. There is a man named Billy that we have been teaching for awhile now and last night we had a pretty serious talk about baptism with him. He wasn't really into it before but he is actually leaning towards it now. He has grown to love the church and the members here have done such a great job at loving him and getting to know him whenever he comes to church. We told him to ponder and pray about it this next week so we will see how things go with that.

Other than our suicidal deer incident, things have been great here. The ward has been getting really involved with the work lately and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that they get to drive us around. This is probably a blessing in disguise. I love the work I'm a part of and the service I get to do each and everyday. Everyone have a safe and blessed week. Watch out while driving :)

Love, Elder Leavitt
Our whole zone on transfer day

An Asian party we went to in Clarksville. You can tell how fun that was! Haha!

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