Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Okay, so this past week was a pretty killer one. One of the biggest highlights was that I was able to go out on an exchange with an Elder in my District, Elder Brown. He's a stud and we spent all day being as productive as possible and it was a ton of fun! We were able to give a  couple referrals over to the Spanish missionaries so you know we had some great encounters with some people in the not so nice parts of Tulsa. We ended up getting a new investigator family as well and they want to feed all of us on Friday so that's a plus!

It turns out I didn't mention them last week, but there is a new part member family that we started teaching a couple weeks ago and the Dad isn't a member but he is so ready! He was being taught awhile ago. His job kept him so busy, that he never got to church. He works less now so he is ready to be baptized. He knows it's all true and so we set up a date for him! He and his whole family came to church yesterday and it was great! They are doing really well and we love to go and visit them.

We are suppose to be finding out transfer calls this next week. Our mission President wants to try out something new so we won't be having P-day next Monday. It will be on Wednesday. We will know what our fates are by then so we will talk later.

I can testify to all of you that the power of prayer is real. When it is coupled with our faith and willingness to act, we can receive the answers and know the direction in which we need to go. As always, thanks to everyone that sends me letters and writes to me and stuff like that. I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Elder Leavitt
Mexican restaurant with the zone

Downtown Tulsa

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