Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pretty solid week for us!

The other day we finally got to meet up with our deaf friends again and teach them another lesson in the members home! We taught them the whole Restoration in sign language and it was such an amazing experience. We've did all we can trying to study for it but it's just one of those things you can't really prepare for. We went in with a prayer that we would be able to communicate and the Lord blessed us again to be able to teach them a whole lesson and have the spirit there so powerfully. They were saying how impressed they were with how fast we were able to pick it up and communicate with them so smoothly. We were definitely blessed with the gift of hands once again to have that lesson. They are excited to keep learning and they were planning on going to church yesterday but had a emergency with a friend come up so they are planning on it this week. We also got a return appointment with them for this week so we hope we can have it work out again!

So both Lisa AND Peggy had their baptismal interviews this past week and they are both set to be baptized this upcoming Saturday if everything works out! We are planning on keeping close contact with them this week to ensure all goes well and we are all super pumped for them. They have both over come so much to be where they are now so we will keep praying for them!

We got some pretty sad news this morning. A missionary in our zone is having to go back home so there is going to be an emergency transfer. We are going to be having Elder Kealer join our companionship to make three of us and we are now going to be covering both Branson wards. It's going to keep us really busy but it should be fun.

Hope everyone is doing well! Love ya!

Elder Leavitt
We went on an awesome hike for pday

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