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Monday, April 17, 2017


We had a super crazy and exciting week this past week! Since we have had the two wards combined, we have been super busy putting our schedules together and making sure we don't forget about anyone. It's been fun since I served in the 2nd ward at the beginning of my mission so now I'm
getting to experience the old Greenie area and meeting a lot of the people I knew!

We got to meet up with our deaf friends Barbie and Ryan again and I've got to tell ya, my sign language is coming along pretty well. We actually got permission from our mission President to watch these little kid shows called "Signing Time" to help us learn how to communicate with them. They came to an Easter party our ward had and had a great time! They got to meet a lot more of the members of the ward.

We were super blessed this past week to have 3 baptisms! We had 2 in the 1st ward and 1 in the 2nd ward. Lisa and Peggy both were baptized this and I was honored to be able to baptize them both. It was a super spiritual experience to help these two daughters of God make that covenant with our Heavenly Father. They both received the gift of the Holy Ghost in church yesterday as well. They both are going to do amazing things in the church, I just know it. In the 2nd ward there was a lady named Nina. She has been investigating for a long time and now she knows for sure that this is something she needs to do. It was a really powerful weekend. Probably the best way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

We are all doing great over here! It's starting to be Spring and it's super beautiful. Everything is turning green and it's amazing to reflect on how everything was made so perfectly for us to enjoy. I hope you have a blessed week!

Elder Leavitt

Lisa's baptism

Peggy's baptism

Nina's baptism

We found some puppies while out working

Also found this turtle

My sister sent us pizza while we were doing our weekly planning!

Comp photo with a bunny. Really weird animal week.  Ha!

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