Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

It seems that the new transfer is set to be pretty solid. I've been paired up with Elder Green for the past couple of days. He comes from the Mormon head quarters of Salt Lake City and he's been out one less transfer than me. We've seen each other a couple of times while serving so it's been a great start. We've already started teaching really well together so I'm excited to see where this transfer goes! On transfer day we spent most of the day just driving around getting everyone to where they need to be but we have been settling in now.

Something super cool about the Rogers 1st ward: It actually has a huge population of Islanders. Most of the people that we are teaching right now are from the islands. We have a kid that should be getting baptized soon and he's from the Marshal Islands. His name is Carl and he is really cool. He's been taught everything and if things work out, he should be getting baptized this week! We are also teaching people from the Islands of Pohnpei and Pingelap which are super tiny. The Island of Pingelap only has like 200 people on it and a lot of them are here in Rogers. We try to pick up little sayings from everyone in our conversations. We are learning some Marshallese, Pingelapesse, and Pohnpein just so they will feel comfortable around us. It's been really fun haha.

I've been running around trying to learn everyone we are teaching and get ready for exchanges and others things but it's been great staying super busy. I'm loving Rogers! My new address is 3004 S. 28th pl. apt 3 Rogers, AR 72712 don't be afraid to send stuff.

Elder Leavitt
Having fun with sister Soderquist's camera at a our weekly lunch appointment.

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